Confirmation of Enrolment

Keep your student loan interest-free while you are in school by confirming your enrolment at the beginning of every year of study.

When you confirm your enrolment, it means you do not have to start repaying your loan until you have finished your studies.

Provide proof of your ongoing studies

If you are returning to school and not receiving new student loan/grant funding, you will need to confirm your enrolment. This ensures your loan remains in interest-free status and you do not begin repayment while you are still studying. For those who are receiving new funding, your enrolment will be confirmed by your province or territory.

To confirm your enrolment, submit your Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) as proof that you are enrolled in school. The Confirmation of Enrolment information must be completed by your school within six months of your last confirmed Period of Study End Date. 

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