Loan Repayment Options

There are a variety of loan repayment options that might work better for you.

Customize Your Payment Terms

You can increase or decrease your monthly payment amount to better suit your budget by customizing your payment terms. If you have a full-time loan, and you want to change your monthly payment amount or see what other repayment terms may fit your situation better, you can do this through your secure NSLSC online account.

Remember, decreasing your monthly payments amounts will increase the time it will take to pay back your loan. It will also increase the amount of interest you will pay.

If you have a part-time student loan and would like to change your monthly payment, contact us.

Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP)

By applying for RAP, you may qualify for zero or lowered payments for six months. After the six-month period has ended you can reapply for another six-month period. Apply for RAP through your NSLSC online account.

Repayment Assistance Plan – Do you have a permanent disability? (RAP-PD)

If you are eligible for the Repayment Assistance Plan and have a permanent disability, you may qualify for Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability.

In addition to a reduced monthly payment, or no monthly payment at all, you may be eligible for a further reduced payment amount. This will help with expenses related to your disability. You can apply for RAP-PD using the regular RAP application through your NSLSC online account.

Note: You can request and provide consent to be processed for RAP instead of RAP-PD. You may only exercise this option prior to or within your first six-month period of RAP-PD. This option is not available if you have already completed one or more period(s) of RAP-PD.

Download the RAP-PD Opt Out form (PDF Version, 42.4 KB, 1 page)

Medical and Parental Leave

The Medical and Parental Leave is for students taking temporary leave from their studies for medical or parental reasons, including mental health reasons. It offers interest and payment-free for six-month periods, up to a maximum of 18 consecutive months. For more information and/or to see if you are eligible for the Medical and Parental Leave, visit

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